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A pdf version of this menu click here.

To fit your take-out needs we offer our full dine-in menu, as well as, some other options below.

Note: We fry in peanut oil.


bar-b-que shrimp 12.00
Sautéed wild caught shrimp dipped in our special seasoning finished with lemon and cream. Served with toast.
frito™ pie 6.50
Meaty chili con carne on a bed of crunchy corn chips. Topped with red onions and extra sharp white cheddar cheese.
pimento cheese 6.00
A true Southern tradition. Our blend of three cheeses mixed with roasted pimento peppers. Served with garlic toasts.
crispy fried chicken strips 7.50
Fresh chicken breast strips with white gravy for dipping.
hush puppies 5.00
We like ’em pure and simple. Fried corn dough with sweet corn kernels. Jalapeno honey mustard for dipping.
basket o’ fries 5.00
We hand-cut our potatoes everyday, so they are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Served with Cajun mayo.

salads & chili

House-made dressings: Bleu Cheese, Vinaigrette,
1000 Island, Ranch, or Creamy Southwestern.
Entree salads and combo served with cornbread or toast

bar-b-que salads
A large portion of our hand-cut mix of romaine hearts, red cabbage and carrots with tomatoes. Topped with crispy tortilla strips and your choice of:
pork, sausage, or tofu:
small 8.50, large 12.50
beef brisket, grilled chicken, fried chicken or turkey:
small 9.00, large 13.00
shrimp or salmon:
small 11.00, large 17.00
chopped smoked turkey salad sm. 11.00, lg. 13.75
Tasty mixture of house-smoked turkey, romaine, sweet corn, red beans, cheddar cheese, red onions, tomatoes, tortilla strips, and pecans, tossed with creamy Southwestern dressing. (Substitute another meat for 1.00.)
chili con carne combo 9.00
A bowl of our hearty blend of fresh beef and chilies topped with red onions and extra sharp white cheddar. Served with a green salad. (a la carte: 6.50)


Served with 1 side, pickles, and your choice of sauce.
Add cheddar cheese or coleslaw for 1.00. Add pimento cheese for 1.50.

pulled pork 8.50
House-smoked and hand-pulled daily, topped with slaw.
smoked beef brisket 9.00
Smoked lean beef brisket.
smoked meatloaf 9.00
Our original recipe smoked then grilled and served on white bread.
smoked sausage or hot link 8.50
Locally made pork sausage link grilled.
chicken breast 8.50
Fresh local chicken breast, your choice of simply grilled or crispy fried.
smoked turkey 9.00
Hand-pulled, house-smoked turkey breast.
grilled tofu 8.50
Thick slices of tofu, rubbed, smoked then grilled to order.


Served with choice of toast or corn bread and 2 sides.
All Natural Meats
No Growth Hormones • No Antibiotics • Vegetarian Fed

pulled pork 12.50
House-smoked pork, hand-pulled daily.
baby back pork ribs half rack 15.00 full rack 22.00
These fall-off-the-bone ribs are braised, grilled and basted with your choice of sauce.
smoked boneless pork chops 13.00
Brined and smoked chops grilled to order served with peach chutney.
smoked lean beef brisket 13.50
Slow smoked to fall apart tenderness. Hand sliced to order. Served with sliced onions and pickles.
smoked beef ribs (subject to availability) half rack 18.50
Big, beefy bones finished on the grill. A sight to see.
smoked meatloaf 13.00
Fresh ground pork, beef and yes, bacon. Smoked and grilled to order.
smoked sausage or hot link 12.50
Two locally made pork sausage links grilled to order.
smoked turkey 13.00
Hand-pulled, house-smoked turkey breast meat.
grilled fresh chicken breast 13.00
Fresh boneless breast grilled and topped with your choice of sauce.
fried fresh chicken breast 13.00
Spicy marinated chicken breast fried in peanut oil. Served with white gravy.
grilled shrimp 18.00
Skewers of wild shrimp grilled and served with your choice of sauce.
grilled salmon 18.00
Wild salmon fillet grilled and topped with your choice of sauce.
grilled tofu 12.00
Fresh tofu smoked then grilled with your choice of sauce.
meatapalooza 18.00
Celebrate the joy of having it all. Choose three of the meats from above (add 2.00 for choice of salmon, shrimp, or beef ribs).
sides sampler 12.00
Hearty portions of 3 sides of your choice.
add 3 pork ribs to any order 5.00
add 2 beef ribs to any order 6.00
add a sausage link or hot link to any order 4.00


creamy goodness macaroni and cheese 3.00
Four cheeses make up this signature dish.
fabulous mashers 3.00
Creamy, rich mashed potatoes served with white gravy.
cole slaw 3.00
Hand-made, creamy-style slaw.
mess o’ greens 3.00
Greens braised southern-style. So much flavor, it’s hard to believe they are meatless!
fries 3.00
We hand-cut our potatoes everyday, so they are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
bar-b-que beans 3.00
Red beans baked with brown sugar, seasonings and classic sauce.
meaty bar-b-que beans 3.00
Bar-b-que beans with bits of pork, beef, and turkey.
candied yams 3.00
Golden baked yams baked with butter and brown sugar.
potato salad 3.00
Red potatoes, onion, celery, and eggs in creamy mayonnaise dressing.
house tossed salad 3.00
Our hand-cut mix of romaine hearts, red cabbage and carrots with tomatoes. Topped with crispy tortilla strips.
Pick a cup of chili con carne as your side with your sandwich or platter, for an additional 1.00.

kid's menu

6 and under only.
Substitute any side for fries for $1.

mac and cheese 3.00
mini sides sampler 5.00
3 rib plate with fries 5.50
chicken strips with fries 5.50
kid sundae 5.00
kid sized drink 1.00


All of our desserts are lovingly made by hand from scratch using the finest quality ingredients

banana pudding 5.00
Homemade banana pudding layered with Nilla wafers and fresh banana. Crowned with real whipped cream and a cherry.
RSQ best-ever pecan pie 4.50
Mmmmm, Pie...
fruit crisp 6.00
Local fruit baked with a crunchy nutty buttery topping. Served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
handmade fried chocolate pies 5.50
Flakey pastry filled with imported bittersweet chocolate ganache. Fried crispy and melty inside. Served with real whipped cream and a cherry.
handmade fruit fried pie 5.50
A variation of the fried chocolate pie stuffed with the chef's choice of local fruit filling. Served with real whipped cream and a cherry.
fried pie duet 5.50
Can't decide on just one flavor of fried pie? No need! One chocolate and one fruit fried pie harmoniously together. Served with real whipped cream and a cherry.
"Why Fight It" brownie turtle sundae 8.00
Our double fudge brownie with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, house-made hot fudge & amazing caramel sauces. Crowned with real whipped cream & perfectly toasted pecans and a cherry.
one scoop ice cream sundae 4.00
two scoops ice cream sundae 6.00
House-made hot fudge, amazing caramel sauce or both! With real whipped cream & perfectly toasted pecans and a cherry.
plain old scoops of ice cream or organic blackberry sorbet
Oregon-made vanilla or peppermint ice cream or sorbet topped with real whipped cream and a cherry.
1 scoop 2.00 2 scoops 3.00
fudge brownie 3.50
House-made double chocolate super fudgy brownie.
root beer float 3.50
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with a bottle of root beer.

TO Go: BBQ by the Pound

In addition to our full dine-in menu don’t forget about our great take-out options
for your next meal on the go.

Each pound of meat includes a half pint of sauce of your choice.
pulled pork, smoked sausage, or hot link 15.00/#
pork loin, smoked meatloaf, beef brisket, turkey breast, or chicken breast 17.00/#
smoked tofu 10.00/#
baby back pork ribs 20.00/#
smoked beef ribs (subject to availability) 3.00/rib
sauce 4.00/pint 7.00/quart 26.00/gallon
classic, killer, kind, derby mustard, or nc vinegar.
sides 6.00/pint 11.50/quart 43.00/gallon
mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, meaty bbq beans, potato salad, bbq beans, cole slaw, greens, or yams.
buns 50¢/each 5.00/dozen
sliced white bread 30¢/each 4.25/loaf
cornbread 50¢/each